I'll be on Aurora Television this Friday night from 10 pm (Eastern Australian Time). 
15/6/2012 02:35:39 am

I have been drawn to your energy since I started watching PTV,I was at my daughters & she sent in msg & ur reading was so unreal.She said go on mum u do it & i did once week 4 5 weeks but only texts back.Tried again 2day & wow it went through but they only showed half of msg.You are so gifted,I do take on 2 much but it helps pay the bills,lol. It amazed me thoug when u said bout knitting as u had made same 2 my daughter she is5th & im 6th Dec,very accurate,would haveluved msg from luved but I understand Ineed to pay more 2 hear that.thank you so much You are a beautiful Lady & when I can will call.Angel blessins & much love.Pauline


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